Projects / Hackery
Research Projects

ShapeShop is a tool for creating 3D models using sketches. ShapeShop incorporates much of my recent work in interactive implicit surface modeling, implicit sweep surfaces, and sketch-based modeling. The software is under heavy development, but you can download the latest stable version and try it out.

Advanced Display / Interaction Systems
MAD Boxes
In March 2003, I helped Dr. Sheelagh Carpendale spend a whole whack of money on display hardware - projectors, screens, etc. The largest system was our MAD boxes (MAD == Modular Ambient Display). In May 2004, I actually got to see the system. It is, as always, still a work in progress...
4-Up Wall
Yet another large-display-wall-project. This one uses 4 projects mounted to a mobile frame, back-projected onto a mobile screen. I designed this one from start-to-finish.
Computer Graphics Course Projects
SpinalTap was my CPSC 502 honors project (small note: I dropped the honors program. But I still did the project). The initial project goal was to create an entire virtual spinal surgery simulation system. That got scaled back to a real-time architecture for drilling simulation. It seems to work.
Morphidae Inlumino
Morphidae Inlumino was my final project for CPSC 553, a fourth-year computer graphics class at the University of Calgary. I wrote a simple triangle mesh editor, modified butterfly subdivider, and radiosity rendering engine. Got some neat pictures, too.
Keroscene was my raytracer for CPSC 453, the third-year computer graphics class at the University of Calgary. There are some of my final raytraced images here, as well as shots from some of the smaller programs I wrote for that class.
SENG Stuff I did as an Undergrad
MILOS Project
MILOS (Minimally Invasive Long-term Organizational Support). is a joint project between the EBE group at the University of Calgary and the University of Kaiserslautern. I worked on the project in the summer of 2000, where we ported the Java/Swing/Gemstone version to a web application architecture (DB2/EJB/JSP/XML/etc/etc). As far as I can tell, this project has been folded into something called MASE, which is a tool for Agile Software Development...
Xerces XML Parser
As part of the MILOS project, I had to fix some bugs in the Xerces Java XML Parser, an Apache Group project. I have no idea if my code ever made it into the source base - in fact, this is the only evidence I could find of my involvement.
Other Random Course Projects
MASCC (the Mckinnon and Schmidt C Compiler) was the result of a year-long compiler class (CPSC510). We got just about everything working (but didn't make it to the compile-our-own-compiler stage). Sadly, floating point register allocation was also missing. Chuck has a nice short introduction to compilers on his site.
Random code and scripts that I've written over the years. No guarantees about working-ness. Use at your own risk.
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