Miscellany / HackyBits
Hardihosh is a text dissociator. Basically, it mangles up text so it's still readable, but the words are in a completely different order then the original text. Sometimes, the new text reveals insight not apparent in the original wording...or something like that. JWZ has more information on programs like these here.
Intoxicated.c is an obfuscated C program that prints out the 99 bottles of beer on the wall song. It also exposes a fatal flaw in computer hardware - low alcohol tolerance.
PFilter is a simple mailspool filtering tool. Initially created because I hadn't heard of procmail, and finished because procmail configuration files seemed confusing... (ps. it's not particularly useful).
C: How to Program exercises code
C: How to Program by Dietel and Dietel is possibly the best 'learn C' book in existence (IMHO). These are solutions to most of the C exercises, and some of the C++ excersises. I make no guarantees about correctness, I got as far as I felt I needed to.
Stack Smashing Basics
If you don't know what smashing the stack means, go google it. If you do, and you'd like to know how it's done (on x86 machines), you might want to have a look at this code. It's not pretty (or complete), but it explains most of the parts I wasn't sure about.
Lobotomy is a perl script that bounces WWW requests off a proxy server. It has a simple command language, but there isn't any documentation so you need to be able to read perl to really set it up. HTTP Requests are identical to Navigator 4.5 for Linux...and it can follow a series of requests, keeping track of the intended referrer. Use your imagination....
Domain Listing Tool
Perl/Expect scripts that fetch DNS listings for a given domain (if they are readable). It is expected that you have Expect.
Can't get it to compile? mail rms@unknownroad.com.