VAJ Swing Tutorial

Ok, so you know how to draw a GUI in Visual Age. But it doesn't really do much, does it? Just sort of sits there, buttons not doing anything, lists empty...sad, very sad. Time to figure out how to code this stuff. The goal of this little tutorial is to make something that looks like this:

Ok, so it's not very interesting. But it has all the fundamental stuff (and it'll only take an hour or so). So, start at the top and work your way down:

Swing fundamentals

Swing is Java's Object-Oriented GUI framework (it's part of the JFC). You don't need to read this stuff but you won't have a clue what is going on later if you don't =)
  1. Listeners
  2. MVC

The Tutorial

Ok, here's the goods:
  1. Laying the Foundation
  2. A Connection Is Made
  3. Being Objective
  4. Getting Some Action
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